Orientation conversation/familiarization +/- 15 minutes – No charge

Registration +/- 45 min: € 55,00
You will be asked alot of questions, for example, your motivation, diet history, daily exercise, living situation, profession etc..
Your B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) & desired weight will be calculated,
along with your B.M.R. (basal metabolism).
You will then be asked to note daily, everything you eat & drink & the times for five consecutive days (including the weekend), this is called an eating diary.
On completion the eating diary can be faxed, mailed or posted to Weight4You, after which an eating analysis will be made.

1st consultation: +/- 30 min € 31,50

You will be weighed. Your personal eating analysis will be explained. You will receive a personal example basic low calorie menu with a variety list, tips en if needed a daily exercise plan to take home with you.

Following consultations: +/- 20 min € 21,50
You will be weighed. Questions will be answered.
Each time you will receive a theme e.g.’what is healthy eating’, ‘parties & difficult moments’, ‘digestion/ metabolism’, etc . (every 4th visit your BMI will be calculated, waist & fat% measured).

Evaluation +/- 15 min. € 16,50

One time only eating analysis & advice derived from eating log book € 85,00

Bundle price : € 180,00 (registration, 1st consultation, 4x further consultations, Evaluation consultation)

*All prices include 21% VAT


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