button.jpgYou can reach your aim with Penelope Kolsteeg!
Penelope is an registered Weight Consultant & is a member of the Dutch Weight Consultant association in The Netherlands. She works strictly according to the rules of the Dutch Food & Nutrition Center in The Hague. This means that she gives healthy advice to reduce your weight using unrefined foods. In other words without the use of food supplements or meal substitutes.

Nowadays there are so many ways of losing weight offered that it only makes it more difficult to make a justified choice. Are you one of the people who have lost their way? Penelope will bring you back to the basic principles of healthy eating & she will teach you how to enjoy unrefined foods. She will point out the possibilities & will offer alternatives that are found just around the corner in your local supermarket. You will have more insight in what there is on offer & will actually save you money by making the healthy decision & turning your back to the unhealthy products.



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